SGS Plug Pin Clamping Unit For Temperature Rise Tester

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Standards:AS/NZS 3112 Figure 2.9 And Figure 2.10Name:Pin Clamping Unit For Temperature Rise Tester
Function:For Australian And New Zealand Pins TestingAS/NZS 3112 Clause 3.6.3:Modified Gauge Of Appendix D (diameter Changed To 43.2mm)
AS/NZS 3112 Clause 3.3.2:Test Pin Gauge 3N 6.20mm X 1.58mmAS/NZS 3112 Clause 2.2.3:Form Of Pin In Figure 2.3
Figure 2.9:Mounting Of Plug For Temperature Rise TestFigure 2.10:Pin Clamping Unit For The Temperature Rise Test
High Light:SGS Plug Pin Clamping Unit ,  Plug Pin Clamping Unit ,  CNAS pin clamping unit

Mounting Of Plug And Pin Clamping Unit For Temperature Rise Tester

Australian and New Zealand  gauge list:

Figure 2.1dimensions of plugs
Figure 2.2apparatus for flexing test
Figure 2.3form of pin
Figure 2.4dimensions of insulation on insulated live pins
Figure 2.5pressure test apparatus for insulation on insulated plug pins at high temperature
Figure 2.6impact test apparatus for insulation on insulated plug pins at low temperature
Figure 2.7abrasion test apparatus for insulation on insulated pin plugs
Figure 2.8application of force for pin bending test
Figure 2.9mounting of plug for temperature rise test
Figure 2.10pin clamping unit for the temperature rise test


The design and construction of a plug provided with earthing connections shall be such that
when the plug is correctly wired and completely assembled-
(a) loose terminal screw or conductive material cannot bridge any live parts or earthing
(b) the earthing parts are effectively isnlated m contact with a live conductor that may
become detached: and
(c) the live parts are effectively isolated from contact with any earthing conductor that
may become detached.
Any connections for auxiliary devices such as radio interference suppressors or visual
indicators, shall comply with the above requirements.
The earthing pin of any low voltage three-pin plug shall be that pin which is radial to the
circle embracing the pins (see Figure 2. 1(a), Figure 2.(f) and Figure 2.(g).


AS/NZS 3112 Figure 2.9 and Figure 2.10

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Test apparatus for pin temperature test AS/NZS 3112

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